Whether you're looking to advertise in Jackson Magazine, Senior Preferences, Jackson Living or one of our community publications, the materials that we require to produce a great ad for you are generally universal. Below you'll find the ad sizes for the vast majority of publications that we produce. If you are interested in advertising in a special community publication, please contact us with questions regarding your ad size.

Ad Sizes

Full Page (No Bleed) : 7.375" x 9.75"
Full Page (Bleed) : 8.625" x 11.125"

1/2 Page Horizontal : 7.375" x 4.8125"

2/3 Page : 4.875" x 9.750"

1/3 Page Square : 4.875" x 4.8125"
1/3 Page Vertical : 2.375" x 9.750"
1/3 Page Square: 4.875" x 4.8125"

1/6 Page Vertical : 2.375" x 4.8125"
1/6 Page Horizontal : 4.875" x 2.375"


There is no charge to output properly submitted files. Changes to correct or alter files is based on the complexity of the ad. Production and design services are available and charges can be estimated based upon the complexity of the ad.

Ad Files

Whenever possible, clients should provide Jackson Publishing Company with an electronic file. We are able to take PC files in Quark Xpress, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, or Adobe InDesign through e-mail.

Save files as EPS, TIF or PDF at 300 dpi, NOT JPEG or GIF (An individual piece of an ad, such as a photo, is acceptable in JPEG format)

Materials will be accepted on CD or DVD or e-mail.

Don't forget:

Publisher Policies

All ads produced by the publisher will remain the property of the publisher. Reproduction of the ads is not permitted without written permission of the publisher. One reproduction is available for a reasonable fee. Please contact us regarding your specific needs.