Senior Preferences is another high quality publication produced by Jackson Publishing Co. These 6-geographically-aligned annual guides are free to all residents and are used to assist professionals, adult children and seniors themselves in searching for providers and services focused specifically on your area's aging population. More than 80,000 Senior Preferences guides are distributed to senior-oriented businesses and organizations each year.

Senior Preferences is published on an annual basis and is distributed through the commission on aging in most of the counties we serve. Electronic versions of each edition are also available online at

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What About Getting a Guide for Your Area?

Senior Preferences is available in the following markets:

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What's in Senior Preferences?

With 6 geographically-aligned annual editons serving a combined 38 Michigan counties, Senior Preferences includes the state's most comprehensive list of community organizations and local businesses that cater to the needs of senior citizens.

Senior Preferences lists businesses, their contact information, and the services they provide. Businesses are divided into a wide variety of categories based on the needs they serve.

Senior Service Categories Include:

A full housing chart is also provided in the publication that provides an easy reference to senior housing in the area.

Interested in Advertising?

Do you have a business that is aimed at the senior market? Senior Preferences provides an opportunity to market your business directly to your intended audience. If you are interested in advertising, contact Linda Busche at 517.783.2637 or through our contact page.